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Sophia Oshodin is a self-taught figurative painter based in London.

Sophia's alluring figurative paintings capture candid moments of everyday domesticity life. Her figures are often in an existing comfort zone, free from the burden of societal stereotypes and challenge the societal narrative of Blackness.


Sophia's subjects are imaginary figures. She adds scenes from memory and popular culture which are painted with oil and acrylic paintings. Placing her subjects in ordinary environments to understand the complexities of human experience in the community, examining Mental health and healing by celebrating beauty, strength, and colours as it exists in people and places in a way that holds joy.


Sophia's subjects' clothes are in vibrant and colourful fashionable patterns with a gazing expression that engages the viewers in their own interpretations.


Her work have appeared in group and solo exhibitions and have exhibited at international art fairs such as 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair and the Other Art Fair. 

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