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SOPHIA  - The Artist

Sophia is a self-taught figurative painter based in London. Sophia's alluring figurative paintings capture candid moments of everyday domesticity life. Her figures are often in an existing comfort zone challenging stereotypes and delving into metaphysics, exploring culture and perception that influence life. 


Sophia's subjects are imaginary figures. She adds scenes from memory and popular culture which are executed in oil and acrylic. Placing her subjects in ordinary environments to understand the complexities of human experience in society, examining the impact of Mental health and using art as a form of healing. Her practice entails collecting shared experiences between people in their everyday activities. 


Sophia's work communicates the fundamental nature of reality with A dialogue of colourful emotional connection that engages the viewers in their own interpretations.


Drawing inspiration from African arts, Art history, Old master's works, contemporary arts, fashion, politics and colours.

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