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Sophia Oshodin is a self-taught figurative painter based in London.

She is known for visual storytelling centres around the spirit of every day using imaginary subjects. Her paintings are notable for their bold colours and patterns that engage the views to their own interpretations.

Sophia explores the artistic convention and movement in the vibrancy of daily life struggles and complexities that humans experience using story figuration with a gazing expression to highlight the absence of black figures in western art. Drawing inspiration from African arts, Art history, Old masters' works, contemporary arts, fashion, politics, and everyday experience, working predominantly in acrylic, gouache and oil.


Sophia uses her practices to start a conversation and challenge the stereotype drawn from personal experiences constructed by societal ideology and the media associated with the black community, Mental Health and the complexity of navigating through everyday life.

A large part of her practice entails collecting shared memories and photographs from the popular culture between people in their everyday activities.


Sophia uses art to reflect the representation in today's society. She often showcases the daily lives of her subjects in rich figurative paintings from the Diaspora, primarily women, with a particular interest in family connection, female representation and empowerment. Either as standalone portraits or positioned within a domestic space.


Sophia combined imaginary figures and shared memories to create a narrative with a gazing expression to celebrate humans in all their multitude. Whilst using colourful contrast as an element to alter the mood, the energy of her figures in a way that holds joy.

Sophia has participated in various exhibitions in the UK. USA and also participated in The Other Art Fair in 2021 in London.

In 2021 Sophia was shortlisted for the Kate Bryan Art prize.



Sophia Oshodin

Lives and Works in London



BSc in Political Science 2005 AAU University

MSc Human Resources and Management 2008 University of Wales



2021 Black Art Gallery - Black History exhibition at university of Essex

2021 Mother of Mankind group show ADA Contemporary art Gallery X HOFA London

2021 Femininity Defined online group show with Black girls Who Paint. (USA)

2021 Participated in The Other Art Fair London Edition

2021 The Other Art Fair London Virtual Exhibition

2021 (May) restART the planet group exhibition SKT Gallery London

2020 NEW WAVE group exhibition at Boomer Gallery, London  



Shortlisted for the Kate Bryan Art prize 2021


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