Painting Equipments

MY Work

two women in a botanical garden doing some maintainance . poutry farm and a house near by

Untitled (Movement Series) 

This work explores themes of wellness, calmness and people relations with nature and animal.
From the Movement series, this series is exploring the struggles and complexity of navigating through everyday life. The last years has been particularly difficult with the ongoing pandemic.
The movement series is focusing on strength, healing and what comes next as we are moving on to normality.

Light At The End of The Tunnel

Inspired by finding a solution in time of chaos and uncertainty.

a black woman looking into the absy with her back turned and besides a light bulb
a black woman in her late 30s celebrating and hold a balloon

A Joy Like No Other 

Explores inner happiness and loving yourself. Celebrating the small wins in life

Fearless in my Favourite Dress

This body of work draws inspiration from V. G. La Mousmé. This artwork expresses overcoming fear, confronting the complexity of life and manifesting happiness.
The Yellow colour symbolises optimism, draws energy and joy

a black woman with colourful dress sitting on a red chair and a dotted red background

Dreams In Fragments

Dreams Manifestation Series explores what it means to manifest hopes and visualise dreams to life, exploring self-confidence, attracting luck and positive energy to your space.